b'3 LENS FAMILIES: MAIN FEATURESAll lenses protect against harmful UV rays up to 400nm.-2 ImpactX-2lensesemploybreakthroughphotochromic semi-rigid molecular properties formulated exclusively for Rudy Project and represent today the most advanced tech-nological solution in the field of vision protection. Thanks to their transparency and superior optical quality, lenses made in ImpactX-2 ensure sharp vision and unbeatable comfort.After years of intense research, we have updated our Polar3FX technology to take your vision to the next level.Polar3FX HDR technology eliminates glare providing superior visual comfort, enhanced contrast and contours. In addition, the new Polar3FX lenses incorporate the HDR (high dynamic range) filter to fur-ther define contrast and color perception. To ensure maximum toughness and durability, we have boosted the Polar 3FX lenses with the revolutionary 3FX Coating anti smudge and anti aging treatment.RP Optics lenses offer a range of over 30 available colors. Ideal for athletes and weekend warriors who demand performance but accept no compromise when it comes to appearance, RP Op-tics are the industry benchmark in polycarbonate lenses thanks to their high impact resistance and the wide selection of coa-tings and colours available. Our R&D department carried out a set of scientific researches to design static lenses targeted to different uses.06'