b'2020 RUDY PROJECT | WARRANTY & POLICIESRUDY PROJECT RX WARRANTIESLens and Scratch Warranty* Doctor Re-doLenses are warranted for a period of one yearLenses will be re-made one time in the same against manufacture defects, which include Anti-frame, lens color and material at no charge if the reflective and mirror coatings. The lens warranty isRX change was made within 90 days of original in-limited to a one-time replacement of the same Rx,voice date. Any other changes will be billed at 50% color, and material in the original frame. Damageof the invoice cost within 90 days of original invoice due to improper care and handling is not covered.date.The determination as to improper care and han-dling shall be made at the sole discretion of RudyOur Lab ErrorsProject. Due to possible fit issues we require thatRudy Project will remake any lenses made incor-frames be sent back at the time of evaluation. rectly. Credit will be issued upon receipt of old lenses. Please be specific about the reason forProgressive Non-adapt Warranty requesting a remake. The invoice number, date, Non-adapt from progressive changed to singleand reason for the redo must be included for credit vision will be done one time at no charge if notifiedto be issued. Orders can be faxed or emailed to within the first 90 days of the original order. Rudy Project to ensure timely processing of the A change in fitting measurement, prescriptionreplacement order.power, or a different progressive design is allowed at a one-time 50% discount within 90 days of origi- Rx Changes / Cancelled Jobsnal order date. Any changes not on the originalIf the lenses are not yet in process, Rx changes will invoice will be billed at full price. Credit will bebe accepted at no charge. Canceled jobs will be issued upon return of old lenses. For accurate andbilled at 50%. New orders will be billed at 100%.expedited credit please include the original invoice number, date, and reason for change. For the most up to date information regarding our warranties and policies, please visit:www.rudyprojectdealer.comRUDY PROJECT RLG & FRAME WARRANTYWHAT IS COVERED BY WARRANTY (examples):Delamination and/or peeling of sun lens coatingBubbles or imperfections on lens coatingSoldering defects of temple hinges WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY* (examples): Prescription (Rx) lensesDeep scratches or pit marks from obvious abuseAny damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect,shock, improper use or storage or productDamage caused by chemicals (hair spray,cologne, window cleaner, alcohol, sunblock, glue,tape, etc) Unauthorized modifications or repairsLoss of eyewear(*ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS ARE SUBJECT TO A CASE BY CASE EVALUATION)72'