b'GOLF SPECIFICSPECIAL CONFIGUREATIONSGOLF IMPACTX 2 LASER PURPLE HDR RYDON GOLF RYDON SLIM GOLFWehaveenrichedourrevolutionaryImpactXPhotochromic optics with a cutting-edge and beautiful lens specifically tailored to elevate golfers performance. Benefiting from the most ad-vanced photochromic technology and a luminous transmittance getting dark from 48% to 8% according to the day, the brand newImpactX2LaserPurpleblendsstate-of-the-artlightMATTE BLACK MATTE BLACKmanagement with ultra defined contrast and enhanced depthSP 53 75 06 G 00 00 | 235SP 54 75 06 G 00 00 | 235 perception allowing to better gauge distance. ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser Purple ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser PurpleA=70 / B=40 A=65 / B=40REVOLUTIONARY LENSES TRALYX GOLF TRALYX SLIM GOLFOur bespoke ImpactX 2 lenses are made with superior optics polymers to combine optical clarity, lightweight and incredible impact resistance. The end result is sharp and comfortable vision which allows golfer to focus on the green. FACE EVERY LIGHT CONDITION MATTE BLACK MATTE BLACKSP 39 75 06 G 00 00 | 260 SP 46 75 06 G 00 00 | 235While playing golf, weather conditions can change and photo- ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser Purple ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser Purplechromic sun lenses just adapt to light variations. Our ImpactX[See Product Pages For Spare Lenses]2 Laser Purple photochromic lenses feature fast activation and fadinf speed a large photochromic range ( from 48% to 8%) andCOLOR ENHANCEMENTextreme durability with long term resistance to UVA and UVB radiations. The ImpactX 2Laser purple lenses are specifically fine tuned to experience OLEOPHOBIC COATING colors like never before. The HDR filter takes visual performance and comfort to a higher level by reducing the intensity of light without taking away natural The Impactx 2 laser purple lenses feature a state-of-the-arthues. By attenuating the light for specific colors, the HDR filter enhance color oleophobic coating to make them tougher and more durable.perception for the colors that matter for the golf.This barrier minimizes the formation of smudges, prevents stain and fingerprints and makes cleaning easier to always en-sure superior clarity on the green. PERFORMANCERYDON RYDON STEALTH Rydon Stealth products are ANSI Z87.1+ certifiedWHAT IS ANSI Z87.1+ANSI Z87.1 is the American National Standard that covers the basic requirements for personal eye and face protective devices to minimize or prevent injuries from impacts, non-ionizing radiation and chemical agents in occupational, educational and military environments. This standard sets criteria related to the description, MATTE BLACK Laser Copper + Action Brown + ClearSTEALTH MATTE BLACK general requirements, testing, marking, selection, + Yellow + Racing Red Lenses SP 53 73 06-SH00 | 235ImpactX-2 Clear to Black | Z87.1+ care and use of these protectors.SP 53 03 06-S005 | 285 SP 53 10 06-SH00 | 185Smoke | Z87.1TRALYX XLMATTE BLACKSP 39 89 06 Z000 | 235 ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser Red 63'