b'SPECIAL CONFIGURATIONSRUNNING SPECIFICRUNNING SPECIFIC EYEWEARVENT CONTROLLERAfter intense testing with professional runners and benefiting from over than 30 years expertise in the sports eyewear,we have designed a wide array of specific solutions tailored to elevate runner performance and take their comfort to the next level. The lightness of the Tralyx and Tralyx Slim, the versatility of the new Rydon Running and the revolutionary Propulse are the perfect eyewearfor running on road and trails.POWERFLOW AIR EXHAUSTDEEP HORIZON LENSESHEAD GEOMETRY The wide deep horizon lenses allow runners to benefit fromNATURAL a wide and uninterrupted field of vision. The wide lenses areHI-GRIP COMPRESSION FITdesignedtoprotectyoureyesfromatmosphericelementsTIPSand to distinguish all the details and obstacles on road and trails. Running models mount ImpactX photochromic and RP Optics lenses to provide unparalleled light management, sharp contrast and defined contours in all light conditions.RYDON RUNNING ERGONOMIC SHAPESThe Propulse is a new eyewear specifically designed for Rudy Project has developed a new specific Rydon version torunning.Itboastsanultralightwraparoundgeometry meetrunnersdemands,blendingtheoutstandingcomfort,delivering a perfect and natural compression fit without style and performance of our iconic model with a new lensany annoying pressure on the head. The end-result is geometrydesignedtomaximizebenefitsforrunners.Theanextremelycomfortableandstableeyewearwithits edgy shape boasts higher wrap and deeper coverage for aproprietary Hi-Grip integrated temple tips. wide,uninterruptedfieldofvisionandsuperiorprotection from atmospheric elements minimizing the risk of tearing. The double vents on the lower part of the lens provide highMAXIMUM VENTILATIONventilation.ThankstotheImpactX-2PhotochromicandRP Opticslenses,theRydonRunningensuresoptimumvisionOur running models feature massive vents on both front at all times and boasts a wide array of prescription solutionschassis and lenses, allowing air to flow through the frame including our cutting-edge ImpactRX-2 prescription program,to efficiently prevent fogging.The enhanced ventilation of direct clips, optical inserts and docks specifically engineeredour running sunglasses is crucial to cool your eyes during for performance high prescription ranges. intense efforts.60'