b'RUDY PROJECT TECHNOLOGY | POLAR 3FX HDRExperience the true colors. Our POLAR 3FX technology protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and eliminates glare by selectively filtering non harmful wavelenghts through the lens.POLAR 3FX technology is designed to filter glare from car headlights, sun rays and the refracted light on wet or shiny surfaces like water and snow. Plus, the all new POLAR 3FX lenses features the HDR filter which is fine tuned to maximize your safety by improving contrast in urban, mountain and road bike environments.The result is bright and comfortable vision, sharper details perception and brighter colors with considerable reduction in eye fatigue. The POLAR 3FX Multilaser lenses are available in a vast array of colors allowing to benefit from they superior visual comfort and to choose the color which best suits for your style. SPORTSUNGLASSESGEOMETRYBASE 8POLAR 3FX HDR MULTILASERPOLAR 3FX HDR MULTILASER BLUE REDGREEN BASE GREY BASEFilter Category 3 Filter Category 3POLAR 3FX HDR MULTILASERPOLAR 3FX HDR MULTILASERORANGE GREENGREEN BASE GREY BASEFilter Category 3 Filter Category 3HDR TECHNOLOGYThe HDR filter is designed to boost your color experience by tuning the wavelength of the light passing through the lens. By actively refining the inten-sity of various wavelenghts of light and by optimizing the visible, the HDR filter provides extraordinary visual performance. In addition to a maximized chromatic range, benefits include superior perception, sharper image and unparalleled contrast definition.3FX BENEFITS This state-of-the-art coating has been developed to make Polar3FX lenses tougher and more durable. The 3FX coating is a hydrophobic barrier which minimizes the formation of smudges. This treatment is designed to enable water slipping on the surface, to prevent stains and fingerprints and to make cleaning easier. Hydro / Oleo Easy cleaning Preventing staintreatment and fingerprints10'